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"Adult prison education today is in a chaotic state."
Labour’s proposal for a windfall tax on oil and gas companies is defeated.
Robert Halfon tells HuffPost UK: “I don’t want us just to do things because we are forced into it by Marcus Rashford."
The government had “risked thousands of young people being robbed of their futures”, said shadow education secretary Kate Green.
Senior Tory Robert Halfon tells HuffPost UK No.10 must "dramatically transform" No.10's links with backbenchers after slew of U-turns.
Conservative MP Robert Halfon joins Arj Singh, Paul Waugh and Rachel Wearmouth to discuss whether the government needs to pay more attention to its own backbenchers instead of treating them as an inconvenience.
Another crushing defeat. Another piece of parliamentary jiggery-pokery. Another long week for Theresa May. An even longer week for the rest of us. HuffPost UK's Arj Singh and Paul Waugh sat down with Conservative MP Rob Halfon and Senior Counsel at Cicero, Nikki da Costa, to work out where Brexit is going and what the future holds for Theresa May premiership.
Tories warned that disunity is hurting donations and could spark redundancies at party HQ.
If we don’t want Parliament and politicians to be as toxic again as we were during the expenses scandal, we should vote for May's deal and deliver on Brexit as the public expects
Dominic Raab, Keir Starmer, Suella Braverman and Robert Halfon hit the TV studios.