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Is the show's final series worth a watch, even through new eyes?
"To rip it out from everybody because of one thing wouldn’t be telling the true story."
The streaming service severed ties with Spacey following multiple accusations of sexual misconduct.
'I didn’t know the man. I knew the incredible craftsman that he is.'
Netflix has confirmed that Robin Wright will take the lead in the next series of ‘House Of Cards’, with production set to
From Marion Cotillard in Armani Prive and Robin Wright in Saint Laurent, to Nicole Kidman in Versace, it’s been the celebrities
‘House of Cards’ star Robin Wright has revealed her anger at discovering that, despite her previous battle for equal pay
Netflix has announced when series five of ‘House Of Cards’ will be dropping online, revealing the news with an ominous video
Claire and Frank - and both her and Kevin Spacey - are equals. Both actors also write and produce, while their on-screen alter-egos each give as good as they get. So why does Robin still have to fight for the same wage packet as her co-star? If she still has to fight for equal pay, what hope is there for the rest of us?
Netflix have confirmed that ‘House Of Cards’ season four is happening, and will be released via their online streaming service
Philip Seymour Hoffman left a huge hole in the acting firmament, with his sudden death earlier this year. Nowhere have his
Kevin Spacey has revealed his delight that audiences for his rebooted 'House of Cards' have been queueing up to watch episodes
Kate Mara, who stars in the US version of 'House of Cards', admits that she has never seen a frame of the original BBC drama
Woody Harrelson stars as Officer Dave Brown in acclaimed crime-fiction writer James Ellroy's (L.A. Confidential) action-fulled