If a Nato state is attacked directly, it could be dragged into the war.
'Many women have been left as single parents and are often responsible for two, or even three different generations.'
Here's why both their names – and the country of Romania – are all over Twitter.
It follows sightings in Utah and Romania in recent days. Is it aliens? An advertising agency? A band?
Works by Galileo, Sir Isaac Newton and Goya were among the irreplaceable volumes stolen in Feltham, west London, in 2017.
The 20-year-old woman from Romania was told she'd be working in a factory in the UK by the brothers, who then hid her passport and violently abused her.
She uses up her annual leave to fly out and pay medical bills, while also delivering care packages.
'Leave the Brexiters, the quarrelling and the weather behind.'