Royal College of Midwives

Gavin Williamson says offer "part of a process" as Labour calls move "reprehensible" after Covid effort.
"I remember the ridiculous pressure to ‘get my figure back’ – and I am not having it!"
Doctors and midwives called for relaxation of law, but new advice was suddenly withdrawn.
No money spent promoting Healthy Start scheme amid "fighting over Brexit", Trussell Trust and others tell government in angry letter.
But the overall number of nursing and midwifery staff grew by 8,000 in the last year, a report revealed.
Where we used to attract European midwives and nurses, we now repel them – as well as hundreds leaving the NHS, just 33 registered to join us in the last year
Mum Holly Leppard has experienced negative reactions to bottle-feeding from maternity staff.
'It looks like Brexit will break our health service.'