Russell Brand

'He is putting policies that are about helping ordinary people into the political sphere.'
Five months on from the election, Russell Brand still counts himself as a Jeremy Corbyn supporter, claiming that his policies
Two thirds of councils have cut their addiction and prevention budgets.
Labour has accused the government of “dismantling the country’s public health system” after shocking figures revealed two
Russell Brand has said he thinks he contributed to Jeremy Corbyn’s rise “in some small way” after condemning “meaningless
'If we can’t overcome our relatively trivial personal disputes in this world, what hope is there for us?'
Russell Brand says he wants to patch things up with his ex-wife Katy Perry, five years after they split. The actor and comedian
'The content included unsuitable sexual references...'
Ofcom has declared that Russell Brand breached their broadcasting rules during a recent interview on his Radio X show. The