The former PM and home secretary say the government should ignore European judges' rulings on the controversial policy.
Members of Parliament found themselves caught up in porn scandals, Spice Girl beef and jungle life. And that's just the Tories.
"Suella and I are on completely different planets when it comes to the rights of women and girls, and also the way that we talk about ethnic minorities".
Neil Basu said it was "language my father would have remembered from 1968".
“The government said the threat of sending asylum seekers to Rwanda would deter crossings, we now see that the opposite is happening."
“Unless we provide a safe route, we are complicit with the people smugglers," Sir John Kerr claimed.
A total of 13,016 people have crossed the Channel on small boats since the controversial asylum policy was unveiled.
Comedian later included home secretary Priti Patel in a message saying it was "just a bit of banter".
"He underlines the human reality at the heart of so many stories like his."
The justice secretary says the move will "inject common sense" into the legal system, but critics are unimpressed.