Ryan Lochte

Things were never going to go swimmingly for him, were they?
Ryan Lochte’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’ debut descended into chaos on Monday (12 September) as protesters stormed the stage
The swimmer is reportedly headed for the dance floor.
Ryan Lochte is due to appear on the next series of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ - the US version of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. The
US Olympic Committee issues apology for 'unacceptable behaviour'.
And following the rash of bad publicity, the US Olympic Committee issued a statement that included an apology. The key passage
Gold medalist says a gun was put to his head.
Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte has described how armed robbers posing as policemen put a gun to his head and took his
But after Lochte got out of the pool, and back to posting photos on Instagram, his hair appeared to be a bright shade of