Scott Morrison

Record rains have led to heavy floods, and that's caused bugs, snakes and other critters to seek refuge.
More than two million residents of Brisbane, the nation's third-largest city, will be barred from leaving their homes for anything but essential business.
Anne Ruston went on to praise Scott Morrison for his support – when she was finally able to get a word in.
"It’s almost a wipeout now," says CEO of a major chain, while a virologist reminds the public: “This is not a zombie apocalypse.”
The Cambridge-educated lecturer was arrested in September 2018 and given a ten year sentence.
Almost 500m animals are believed to have been killed in the state alone as a result of the bushfires.
These picture show the sheer scale of the unprecedented crisis, as flames and smoke continue to choke parts of the nation.
Coverage of the Australian wildfires by Murdoch's titles has played down their severity, the senior worker points out.
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison was heckled during a visit to Corbago, one of the towns that has been ravaged by bushfires this season. Residents refused to shake the Prime Minister’s hand until he promised more funding, and told him, “you won’t be getting any votes down here, buddy. You’re an idiot.” Morrison is facing increasing pressure as the fires continue to spread.