Scottish Independence

Independence could lead to the "unilateral disarmament" of nuclear weapons and have "devastating" implications for Scotland's
Support for independence has increased but still falls short of a majority, according to a poll. The Ipsos MORI survey suggests
Alex Salmond has challenged David Cameron on his decision to veto agreement in the European Union. The First Minister said
Scots would vote for independence if they were sure to be just £500 better off a year, according to a survey. Just short
The First Minister has said he is "certain" that Scotland will become an independent country. On an appearance on the BBC's
The prospect of an independence referendum is damaging the Scottish economy, George Osborne has claimed. Speaking to the
Alex Salmond has sugested Scotland could become independent even if more people vote to preserve the union than to break
It is fair to say that talk of the Old Firm joining the English Premier League has been something of an elephant in the room over the past decade or so.
Scottish independence now has majority backing north of the border and in the UK as a whole, according to a new poll. Research
MPs are to begin an inquiry into how any possible referendum on Scottish Independence would be handled. They'll look at whether