Sean Hannity

Little know to Britons before his epic rant against comedian Russell Brand, Sean Hannity has been one of Fox News' chief
Russell Brand has found himself on the wrong - or to most of us, right- side of Fox News host Sean Hannity, telling him blasting
Brand mocked Hannity's aggressive pointing and shouting at guests who invites on for debate. "You're already being unreasonable
UPDATE: Fox News Anchor's Response To Russell Brand Over Gaza Will Make Your Blood Boil Russell Brand has told a Fox News
UPDATE: Sarah Palin has launched her own 'news' channel. Moderating a TV debate over the situation in Gaza was always likely
Watch this wonderfully tense interview between right-wing, side-parted Fox News attack dog Sean Hannity and left-wing, penis
If you only ever watched terrestrial daytime TV in Britain, you would think we are a nation obsessed with houses, antiques and getting the hell out of Britain. And very much in that order. Starting around 10am we have an abundance of shows aimed at doing up your own home and flogging it. Then, after lunch we switch to shows about selling off family heirlooms, and then to mid afternoon shows about moving abroad.
Since James Murdoch's appearance before that parliamentary committee a couple of weeks ago, amongst all the talk about his evasive manner, his shortcomings as the head of a big corporation, and whether he might or might not have been telling the truth, there's been one thing noticeably missing.