second referendum

The snub came just minutes after the SNP leader launched a fresh drive to hold a second vote.
No one gave him a chance but the prime minister has managed to strike a Brexit deal with the EU.But the government was immediately facing questions over how sustainable it was given opposition from the DUP.Senior Labour MP Owen Smith joins Arj, Paul and Rachel to react to the deal and its chances of passing parliament, unpack what it means for peace and prosperity in Northern Ireland and ask whether Jeremy Corbyn’s calls for a second referendum are too little, too late.
While Corbyn’s Brexit homework has been vastly improved, it’s not A-grade just yet, Labour activist Cathleen Clarke writes
Corbyn still refuses to unequivocally back another vote – the longer the party waits, the bigger the threat of a Boris Johnson-led no-deal Brexit, Labour activist Kira Lewis writes
I used to imagine Nigel Farage rubbing his hands together with glee at the idea of a People's Vote, but where we are now isn't what anyone voted for in 2016.
Corbyn positioning Labour as the party to reach across the great Brexit divide is absolutely right. We cannot allow our party to be painted as remain zealots.
Another vote would say to millions of people across this country that their voice doesn’t matter, that their politicians do not represent their views, and that our democracy has failed them.
A confirmatory referendum would provide the closure which the whole country is desperate for, Lib Dem MP Tom Brake writes
An overwhelming majority of Labour members, supporters and voters back a second vote – who is Gardiner speaking for?
For the first time I find myself afraid for my future – and when you're scared you can either run away or you can fight for what you believe