second referendum

After two years of bluff and bluster we have a deal that even the party proposing it cannot stomach – the only way forward is an election or a referendum
Even if a second vote is secured, we risk heading towards an even bigger, more damaging defeat. Here's a starting point to winning second time round
But let's be clear – while this is a necessary step forward, it's not enough to guarantee a public vote just yet
Some on the left are keen to move on with a second rate Brexit outcome rather than fight for a second vote – this is an act of cowardice
There's no majority for no-deal or for the PM's plan – giving the public the final say would see us through this impasse
I don’t remember anyone solemnly warning Theresa May to keep Britain in the single market just in case the Lib Dems got violent – can we all agree to stop legitimising the far right in the same way, please?
Victory will only be achieved through a positive and romantic story
If the Prime Minister believes in her deal, she should have nothing to fear from putting it to the electorate
As a democrat I'm prepared to see the UK leave the EU, but I'm not prepared to rubber stamp a deal the people haven't expressed their view on
'Nobody asked for the 2016 referendum'? False, the Conservatives won a majority in 2015 with a manifesto promise to hold a vote on the EU