second referendum

A vote on a Brexit deal is supported in every single Labour MP's constituency - the case is overwhelmingly clear
It’ll be up to my generation to fix these things. But I’d rather rebuild amidst the foundations, than be left with nothing at all
I won’t be on the ‘People’s Vote’ march – because we already had a vote, and we lost
A decision to hold a referendum could happen very quickly, with precious little time to discuss the details - but there are complex issues to grapple with
One of Corbyn’s own would-be ministers said a second vote would undermine the “the whole principle of democracy" - in fact it would enhance exactly that principle
The window of opportunity is narrow, but the prize on offer is the chance to transform our country
Westminster has a duty to take into account the will of the people in 2018, which is shifting fast towards staying in the EU
The People’s Vote campaign has, at no point, declared its support for Remain being an option in any final deal referendum
We cannot keep holding referendums until the public return the ‘correct’ result