second referendum

Rather than wasting more time going down blind alleys, business leaders should get on the front foot and back a second referendum
I find the idea of another referendum unappealing but to put it simply, Brexit is worse
I wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for freedom of movement bringing my parents together – the idea of leaving the EU has been a body shock
The clock must not be allowed to run down so the only choice is a deal that satisfies nobody or a no-deal by default
Whether we stay in the EU or whether we leave, our broken country won’t be repaired until we get a Labour government – but realising Brexit will diminish what Labour in power can do
Prime Minister Theresa May makes a statement to the House of Commons following last week's EU leaders summit in Brussels. She is expected to address calls for a second referendum.
Those who have spent the last two years proclaiming that they are delivering on the ‘will of the people’, now no longer want those very same people to express their views two years on – but democracy didn't end in 2016
A second referendum will not solve the problems laid bare by this Tory government - it will only create more division
The party leadership has signalled more than once that the official line of the party is on the side of the many - the country backs a final say for the people at the rate of two to one
I would once again vote Remain, but what has changed for communities like Stoke or Sunderland where the Leave vote thrived?