secondary breast cancer

A breast cancer diagnosis is always devastating, and for many women the news also means a life-changing operation.  A mastectomy
And then everything fell apart. For the second time. The second time. Secondary. I can barely say the word let alone write it. The shock was immense. I was blindsided. How could it be back so silently and without warning?
Telling my husband and parents about my secondary breast cancer diagnosis was the hardest thing I have ever done. I felt I was breaking their hearts for the second time, and this time there wasn't that hope that it could go away.
4. Realise that breast cancer shouldn’t be sugar coated. 12. Remember that breast cancer is not the good cancer.   6. Know
'Today’s report paints an extremely worrying picture.'
Thousands of patients with secondary breast cancer are being failed by their GPs and diagnosed too late, a new report has
Where one tragic journey ends, another positive one begins.
Almost every charity has a poignant story behind it, inspired by people who demonstrated incredible acts of strength even