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Confined to a hazard taped box at the front of the class, talking to masked, students that may or may not be engaged, how can you tell? We now also have to test the students each day. This isn’t teaching as I know it at all.
Here's the timeline for Boris Johnson's plan to lift lockdown in England.
Boris Johnson is reportedly preparing to relax coronavirus restrictions to allow people to meet outside for a drink.
But the wider lockdown could continue beyond March 1.
Teachers reveal just how bad things are amid lockdown, and how on earth they plan to help kids catch up.
The call comes after Gavin Williamson was forced to make yet another u-turn on Friday, with all primary schools in London to remain closed after Christmas.
SAGE has recommended all secondary schools remain closed in January.
Announced on the eve of the Christmas break, schools have been left hanging as they wait for the details on the education secretary's plan.
Education secretary Gavin Williamson has confirmed some pupils will learn online for a week to enable mass testing to be rolled out.
Pupils will also be tested daily if they have been in close contact with a positive case, in a move Gavin Williamson called a "milestone".