secret santa

There are two types of people in life: those who haven't got a clue about what they want for Christmas and those who know
When it comes to buying Secret Santa gifts, things can be a little daunting to say the least. First of all, you're restricted
Ding Dong Merrily On- bollocks I've got Gordon for secret Santa?? Really? Gordon?! Gordon smells of damp tea towels and has a weird nasal hair flutter when he exhales. I'm sure he was talking about his athlete's foot to the maintenance manager in the car park yesterday. A tube of Canesten it is then.
Finding an appropriate secret Santa Christmas present for colleagues and friends can be pretty damn difficult. In fact, if
Can I just clear this up for the avoidance of doubt - usually Secret Santas are Shit. I mean, obviously, you know it's going to be shit because it's a secret Santa. It's the gift lottery. It's unlucky dip.
Your fingers, like mine, are probably close to bleeding from online shopping. Mine has mainly involved scouring the internet
Christmas is a time of generosity, it's a time of giving, and unfortunately, as you well know, generosity and giving don't tend to come cheap. We know times are hard, and every penny counts, which is why we've compiled this list of simply and effective ways to help you save money this Christmas time.
What do you buy that friend or relative that likes whisky? Especially if you don't know which style of whisky they may prefer. This year, we have decided to take a look at whisky related gifts and have selected suggestions in various price categories. We hope that it gives you a few ideas ...
With Christmas shopping at the front of everyone's mind at the moment, scouring the High Street and searching online for the right gift at the BEST price can feel time consuming. There is SO much to do and only a few weeks left to get it all done.
We don't know who Secret Santa is, but the odds on his gaining the coveted Christmas number one spot are shortening by the