sexual consent

The video formed part of a wider “Respect Matters” education campaign by the Australian government.
The eggs are being sold to “promote healthy conversations around sex positivity”.
BDSM, consent and the so-called 'rough sex defence' will be discussed as the Domestic Abuse Bill begins its passage through parliament.
Nearly a third of young people surveyed have had sex before 16.
At a time when the news is plagued with cases of #MeToo and sexual assault, how can we tackle the issue if we can’t even establish what constitutes rape?
The soap sought to challenge societal attitudes towards the issue.
It has been announced her new BBC drama will focus on sexual consent.
"One person said it was her fault for being alone and wearing a dress. That probably happened once in every workshop."
There's good sex on one end of the spectrum, forced sex on the other — let's talk about the shades of grey in between.