The 400-metre long Ever Given has been stranded since Tuesday.
P&O is seeking a £150m government loan to survive coronavirus – but shareholders of parent company are due to receive £270m in dividends.
Most of the missing are Iranians, all from the tanker.
Somali piracy off the Horn of Africa was once estimated by the World Bank to cost global trade billions of dollars, and to
A coastguard spokesperson said: “Two Coastguard search and rescue helicopters have been sent in response to a cargo vessel
If it wasn't for ships, we'd be sunk. Once, this was widely known. Docks were close to the centres of port cities and were teeming with maritime life. Our coastlines were motorways for goods and materials haulage. Rivers thronged with boats carrying people and cargo.
This week, crucial decisions at the International Maritime Organisation in London could undermine the central goals of the global climate deal agreed in Paris last December.
What do Apocalypse Now, Escape from Alcatraz, and online shopping have in common? Surprisingly to some, all had their seminal
A collection of more than a quarter of a million maritime examination records signalling the end of the stereotypical "drunken