Siri, the virtual personal assistant on Apple's latest iPhone is not just a source of humour and advice on how to dispose
In the UK Siri is a somewhat useless personal assistant which provides vaguely amusing answers to our purile questions. But
As soon as Apple released Siri, the helpful and occasionally hilarious voice assistant featured on its latest iPhone, the
So, I have been using Siri on my iPhone 4S for three weeks now, and I have to say I am pretty impressed. However, Siri is still in beta, and that means that there is still plenty of new functionality to come. Here is my list of the top five developments I want to see for Siri in the next few months.
You want directions to your house in Scotland? Aye? Well, ye cannae. Siri, Apple iPhone 4S' virtual assistant doesn't understand
The dust has settled, the iPad candles have tapered out and a-man-who-employed-more-creative-people-to-put-his-ideas-into-action has gone away; away to a most uncertain fate.
You've got to get an iPhone 4s! Well, that's the buzz going around Twitter/your mates/all the tech media. Hold your horses
So Siri doesn't understand regional accents, won't find you anything location-based outside the US, and doesn't know anyone's
Apple iPhone's new operating system, IOS 5, is now available but users downloading the update over night have reported long
Apple has revealed the latest incarnation of its iPhone handset design, the iPhone 4S, featuring voice recognition software