stacey solomon

"If I could offer any advice, it would be what everyone told me: fed is best, and whatever works for you."
"It’s going to be so special I don’t want to miss a second."
The 29-year-old said “nothing in particular” triggers her feelings of guilt – “it’s just there”. Preach.
Toddlers could come up with some pretty out-there suggestions 🦖
"I’ve been milked by just about every health visitor and breastfeeding specialist around."
The no-holds-barred photograph shows the bloody reality of childbirth.
Their baby arrived "a lot earlier than planned", he says.
"I’ve definitely felt pressure from people – people I don’t know, and even people I do."
Whether it’s shaming body-shamers, or belly-laughing at her “parenting fails”, you’ve got to love Stacey Solomon’s efforts to keep it real in the face of celeb nonsense.
"I’m just trying to enjoy it while I’m awake, which isn’t a lot."
A welcome reminder that nobody is perfect, especially not parents.
'Drag Race' star Michelle Visage is just one person who has called out the panel.
'These publications still don’t see the responsibility that lies with them.'
She was branded 'boring', 'cheap' and desperate on the publication's cover this week.
'If you follow this advice, there is no reason to assume that teeth will be damaged during pregnancy.'