Stanley Johnson

"I think it’s outrageous that she is being held personally accountable," Susanna said.
Jake Berry had no answer to the storm over the ex-PM's plan to make Stanley Johnson a Sir.
“If my brother hadn’t been prime minister, I think my father could have been in line for some sort of recognition in his own right.”
Stanley Johnson's name is included on his son's resignation honours list.
Jacob Rees-Mogg and Ben Wallace are among those who want Johnson to return to No.10 after Liz Truss quit.
Boris Johnson's dad has waded into the untreated wastewater debate, because of course he has.
The chair of the women and equalities committee accused the prime minister's father of inappropriately touching her at a conference event in 2003.
Boris Johnson's father is alleged to have smacked the backside of the former minister at Conservative party conference nearly 20 years ago.
The prime minister's father has been popping up quite a lot lately.
Stanley Johnson joins ex-trade secretary Liam Fox to push for green levy