Stanley Johnson

The chair of the women and equalities committee accused the prime minister's father of inappropriately touching her at a conference event in 2003.
Boris Johnson's father is alleged to have smacked the backside of the former minister at Conservative party conference nearly 20 years ago.
The prime minister's father has been popping up quite a lot lately.
Stanley Johnson joins ex-trade secretary Liam Fox to push for green levy
The Good Morning Britain host put the prime minister's father right after he suggested the jab could be a "get out of jail free card"
Fines increased to £200 last week for first time offenders who fail to wear a face covering in accordance with government guidance.
PM says there are "fantastic places – peerless, wonderful, superlative places" to visit without going abroad.
Stanley Johnson suggested female fighter pilots should not wear burkas during the live broadcast.
“You know, that requires a degree of literacy which I know the great British public doesn’t necessarily have,” Stanley Johnson told the Victoria Derbyshire Show.
A host of famous faces will be hitting the sofa for Gogglebox's new celeb series.