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It's not the greatest TV drama you'll see all year, but as a mid-August slice of escapism it wasn't bad, even if it featured all the usual trappings of a Stephen King-inspired tale.
Fifty Shades Of Grey author EL James has topped the global rich list of authors after earning an estimated £62 million ($95
Letting your imagination run wild is easier said than done when it has to share a space with everything else that’s going
In King's latest book, we find 21-year-old Devin Jones about to embark on the most pivotal period of his young life. It's
After recent sojourns into comic books, playwriting and political activism Stephen King is going back to his roots in 2013
Have you met new parents? I really can't tell the difference between them or crack addicts. In fact, I'm convinced they're the same. Bloodshot eyes, pale skin, always say stuff like; "it's really great you should try it". They don't realise how desperately unhappy they are.
At a conservative estimate, King has sold over 300 million books, and what the hell do I know, but isn't writing a book without a clear plotline a bit like setting off in a car with a full tank of petrol and seeing where you end up? It may work out, but more than likely you're going to end up at the equivalent of the Overlook Hotel. In winter. Without a toothbrush.
Writers always get asked the same questions: where do you get your ideas from? How do you find inspiration? LOOK JUST HOW
Try as you might to convince me that watching horror films is an activity for sane human beings, I shall not be moved.
Churning out inspirational quotes about writing has been a favourite past time of authors and poets throughout the ages. Like