steve baker

"It may prove necessary to take action to remove him," Steve Baker said.
Steve Baker tweets NHS poster that states: “Look into her eyes and tell her you never bend the rules.”
One Tory told HuffPost UK this week was going to be "f***ing carnage" as the prime minister faces a mammoth rebellion.
Steve Baker branded ministers "pathetic" over covid measures.
Mid-February vaccination target looks on course, but that’s when the PM has his next big challenge.
But Tories tell HuffPost UK there is “no chance” of a challenge to the PM despite ex-Brexit minister Steve Baker’s explosive letter.
Job done for the self-described 'Brexit hardman'.
Owen Paterson calls customs plan "absurd" but Steve Baker asks MPs to trust Johnson to deliver Brexit.
Ahead of revealing his plan to the EU, PM has been love-bombing the self-styled ‘Spartans’.
Ex-junior minster said he could not “repeat my experience of powerlessness”.