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With Susan Sarandon in 'Arbitrage' There’s no doubt, though, that when cinema-goers see the name Gere come up during the
Susan Sarandon and Hugo Weaving are two of the big names in what they said was the 'unfilmable' big screen adaptation of
Richard Gere (Pretty Woman, Chicago) gives a performance in Nicholas Jarecki's 'Arbitrage', a role that saw him nominated
Halle Berry shimmered in silver at the Los Angeles premiere of her new film 'Cloud Atlas'. The Oscar-winning actress wore
They say you're only as young as the man you feel and it certainly seems to be true for Susan Sarandon as she enjoys a massage
The Duplass brothers make the kind of indie films that make Blockbuster gobblers dry retch. The very same Duplasses make the kind of indie films that make the bespectacled, shuffling mumblecore lovers turn up their noses at the reek of commerciality. But, are either of these attributes really a bad thing?
These are two engrossing tableau of real life on the TV tonight, arguably capturing the best and worst of people. See what
Forget the Spice Girls, it was two midwestern women who really came to embody Girl Power in the nineties. 20 years ago, Thelma