the archers

He played Joe Grundy in the radio drama for 34 years.
FASD is thought to be as prevalent as autism, yet is much less well known
This is the moment for us all to get to work to ensure the new law reflects the reality of survivors' experiences and helps them to forge escape routes, not put up additional barriers. In the Women's Aid movement, our ambition knows no limits. We are here to empower women so that all survivors can escape domestic violence and if we come together to craft an ambitious law with real teeth and resources, that day will come ever closer.
'We will all miss her both professionally and personally.'
‘The Archers’ actress Sara Coward has died, at the age of 69. For the past 40 years, Sara has been best known for her portrayal
I am frequently asked, what's Rob like to play? Well it sounds trite, but - it's a privilege. The old cliche that 'the villains are the most fun to play' is in part, true (although along with 'break a leg' and 'I'm not out of work, just resting', I've never once heard it said by an actor). But Rob Titchener is more than a 'villain'. He is arrogant, narcissistic and abusive psychopath. He is also - so he believes - charming, kind, loving and selfless. Very complex, in other words. And therein lies the challenge and the thrill to the actor.
Over the years many British soaps have tackled the issue of domestic violence but I don't think any have generated as much interest- and as many headlines- as The Archers has of late.
I probably shouldn't say this but, I don't get it. All the right ingredients are there; we have our first female prime minister
Not since the trial of OJ Simpson has a "not guilty" verdict evoked such emotion as the jury's proclamation of Helen Titchener's
Life imitates art again. As Helen faces Rob in the family courts in The Archers, our Child First campaign, which is calling for radical change to the family court system in order to protect survivors of domestic abuse and their children, is going to Parliament.