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Government is 'about doing something, not being someone'.
Theresa May is to borrow a line from ‘The Iron Lady’ as she makes a Margaret  Thatcher-style appeal to Britain’s working
In all the feeding frenzy that characterises our political media and reporting I think we also have to take a moment to reflect on what the recent campaigns tell us about the state of our politics and in particular the way we still treat our female politicians.
The argument that David Cameron had no government experience before becoming Prime Minister is banal. He was in Opposition. He had five years to prepare. Whoever is elected in September becomes Prime Minister immediately. If we were in Opposition, it might be different, but we are in government and we need an experienced hand to steady the ship.
Electing women into positions of political power is a progressive force for change. It would be extremely beneficial to society to have a female leader, and voters in both leadership elections and general elections should be encouraged to cast their ballot for a more equal society, that a female leader would inspire.
Theresa May, we're now aware, is a "bloody difficult woman". Or so Ken Clarke says anyway. He was caught on camera discussing the Tory party leadership candidates with his old chum Sir Malcolm Rifkind, on Tuesday. He chuckled as he added: "But then you and I worked for Margaret Thatcher..."
Understandably, people are harking back to just last week when he seemed to be doing a little better. And if you liked those
I know Stephen's got what it takes. He's capable, smart and trustworthy with common sense and great humour. He can engage people in politics again - which is urgently needed now considering that another divide in the referendum campaign was between politicians and people.
Making Britain a place that enables our young people to become the very best versions of themselves they can be isn't just about their success, it's about how we make sure we are successful as a nation. A big part of how we unite our country after the EU referendum must be an even stronger focus on opportunity. It's got to be a level playing field of opportunity for everyone - that's how we will deliver the country that Theresa May describes, one that works for everyone, not just the privileged few.
Sweet revenge against Michael Gove
Boris Johnson has backed Andrea Leadsom for the Tory party leadership. In a clear bid to exact revenge against his former
Michael doesn't let obstacles get in the way of his drive for improving the life chances and opportunities of those who are failed by government. He is demanding but, in my experience, incredibly loyal and supportive of his colleagues. He set a clear direction but gave me the freedom and autonomy to develop the agenda and shape legislation.
The stage has been set for Boris to full on Clegg Gove, or allow Gove to Clegg himself. Gove has probably already been clegged and he's too powergasmed to know any better. While poor Govey takes the bullet for whatever shitstorm follows the U.K leaving the EU, Boris can disassociate himself from the whole Brextastrophee, only to return when we've all forgotten who was driving the car.
'Leaver' will head up her new Brexit Department
Theresa May is to launch her bid to become Tory leader with a pledge to create a 'Brexit Department' to oversee the UK's
You don't wait for the rugby ball to 'pop out' of the scrum
Tory leadership contender Stephen Crabb has launched his bid for the top job with a swipe at Boris Johnson’s public school
And they're off! David Cameron's surprise revelation yesterday that he would not seek a third term as prime minister has
Boris Johnson has repeatedly refused to rule out running for Tory leader or taking up a government post while still serving