tory leadership

Consumer rights champion calls for urgent plan, saying: "People's livelihoods, mental wellbeing and in some cases very lives depend on this."
No.10 rejects accusations that the prime minister has been "missing in action" during the cost of living crisis.
The foreign secretary had been urged to distance herself from her cabinet colleague.
Culture secretary says she "never ever" had a conversation with the PM about vacating her place in parliament.
The culture secretary abandoned the Sky interview and told presenter Kay Burley: "I think the cameraman is in a bit of trouble."
Kwasi Kwarteng said the foreign secretary had "wide appeal" and was a "politician many people don’t know".
Rishi Sunak suggests he will put a cap on the number of refugees accepted by the UK.
The people are torn: Is he more Will McKenzie or David Brent?
Lord Hayward says the foreign secretary is seen as 'easier to take down' if she becomes prime minister.