Behold the lengths tourists are going to make landmarks more Instagram friendly.
A Buddhist temple in Thailand has installed a gold-painted statue of footballer David Beckham. The statue, built in a traditional garuda style holding up the altar, features Beckham's trademark floppy hairstyle from his early years and his team jersey. It has been luring tourists to the temple since it was unveiled.
A group of British tourists have been asked to leave New Zealand after being reported for littering, threatening locals, causing chaos and stealing. They have 14 days to appeal to immigration to stay in the country, but one member of the group told reporters they will head home to the UK because they feel “unwelcome”.
So much food, so little time🍴
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Tourism makes up 8% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions.
'Chaos', 'crowded' and a 'rip off'.
Don't panic - the iconic bongs will still be heard on New Year's Eve.