toxic masculinity

Trans women are incessantly policed on everything from being too female to not being female enough – but no one asks what it really means to be a man, writes CJ Atkinson.
Finding the man who spat at her and spinning his jaw would achieve what, exactly? But there I was, circling the block, looking for retribution.
The traditional masculine stereotype has become outdated, so we want to build a positive, inclusive space where Glasto-goers can learn to be better fathers, sons and partners, Shangri-La art director Moses Powers writes
“We hurt our boys by calling something toxic masculinity.”
My father's violence seemed to come out of nowhere. But we later understood that he killed my mother and sister as an ultimate act of control over all of our lives
Straight men in a heteronormative world have a collective responsibility to call each other out for our excesses, to unlearn the bad lessons from childhood
It can actually be directly translated into; ‘masculinity is in transition and it’s not moving f**king fast enough.’
If gender were an heirloom, passed down from one generation to the next, then perhaps it should have lost its value a long time ago