Treatment of cancer

Roisin Pelan is a mum who was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 32. When the cancer returned after three years in remission, she was put on lifelong chemotherapy. Now, however, her life-saving treatment has been deferred as hospitals struggle with the coronavirus pandemic and her weakened immune system means she is too vulnerable to attend sessions. She feels torn as she would be terrified of getting Covid - but without cancer treatment, she is fearful her cancer will return as she feels that is what has been keeping her alive.
These remedies aren't the only issue – cancer specialists are warning against taking a range of alternative therapies.
Dad now hopes to see his daughter finish school - but warns cancer treatment with brutal side effects doesn’t work for everyone
'This projected rise in breast cancer deaths is deeply worrying, but it is not too late to stop it.'
The DreamLab app finds new cancer treatments by harnessing the power of your smartphone.
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I have incurable breast cancer. I'm hoping that this piece of music that I've commissioned will raise money for research