Twitter has come under a great deal of criticism for its role in mobilising riots across London, which started in Tottenham
Feminism has gone in and out of fashion for years, which is obviously ridiculous and clearly shows that there has been a fundamental lack of understanding somewhere along the line. As Moran implores her readers, "What part of liberation for women is not for you?"
Remember that man you’ve seen in the gym, on the Tube and at your favourite restaurant? Turns out he could be your new best
Online social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus often deploy friend recommending systems, so that new users can be discovered and new social connections can be created. Since these services have millions of users, recommending friends potentially involves searching a needle in a haystack
"I still sleep with the same people." He described himself as a ‘Government Comms Guy’ and ‘A Conservative’ but that was
A Labour MP has written a book which tries to explain why Commons secretaries and researchers are attracted to his “superficial
Many cite cyber-politics as a positive. They increase voting numbers, encourage voter-orientated campaigning by allowing for voter-feedback and encourage political involvement in general. But cyber-politics has its dark side. Like all other aspects of politics, corruption is sinking in.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Police are investigating after a daughter of Dragons' Den star Duncan Bannatyne was threatened on Twitter
Duncan Bannatyne, star of Dragon's Den, offers and withdraws £50k reward for "breaking arms" of blackmailer.
According to new research, the politicians spend the equivalent of almost one day a week sending out the messages of no more