"Ireland's sorrow and pain, is now the Ukraine. And St Patrick's name now Zelenskyy,” the speaker of the US house of representatives recited.
"I do think U2 pushes out the boat on embarrassment quite a lot."
'As the buckets go around, fill them with silver, fill them with hope - the season of hope.'
He said his "relief is tempered by the knowledge that the Berlin audience were so inconvenienced."
The “DAMN.” artist has already won five awards for the night.
In a recent interview with The Rolling Stone, U2 frontman Bono said modern music has become too “girly” and that there’s
Adele has risen to become one of the 20 highest-earning stars in British music, following the huge success of her mammoth
As if he could not go up in my estimations any more I saw an interview he did discussing his battle with depression. It was very honest and inspiring for so many others especially young men who tend to hold back about their emotions.