The teen activist stopped eating and talking during a frightening time before her passion emerged, according to her family's book.
Listeners have slammed the former cabinet minister's "offensive" comments on the Today programme.
"I feel like I don’t trust my own judgement because you have so many people with letters behind their name telling you that what you’re doing is making a fuss."
“It has been left to the media and desperate, anguished parents to expose the brutal reality of our system of detention of people with learning disabilities or autism."
"Sat trying to hold back tears...the possibility of taking my son to a match is incredible!"
The teen campaigner is targeted for her ‘disturbed’ bluntness, tone of voice and even her facial expressions. I know first-hand what that’s like, writes Ellen Jones
People with anxiety disorders, brain injury or autism can apply for the badge in England.
"If everyone parented the way we train dogs, we would end up with more confident, compassionate and curious."
Leading child psychotherapists have said they are “deeply concerned” by the programme, which features world renowned dog trainer Jo-Rosie Haffenden.