The singer says ableism wasn't at the heart of her decision to cast her longtime collaborator, who is not autistic, as the autistic teen at the centre of Music.
After catching heat for a problematic casting choice, Sia clapped back at several professional autistic actresses. Here's what that signals to the autistic community.
The pop star’s directorial debut, Music, centres on a nonverbal autistic teenager played by the neurotypical dancer Maddie Ziegler.
What people like Osime Brown need is community support, not criminalisation and deportation, writes Emma Dalmayne.
It was only when our children were diagnosed that Kelly realised there might be a reason why he felt and acted the way he did too.
"Today my patient became a doctor for the day," says learning disability nurse Emily Kavanagh.
I thought self-isolation would be easy for me, but the cacophony of everyone remaining at home is causing me pain and agitation like never before.
How many parents were passing ships to their children before the pandemic?
The 32-year-old mum was praised by parents on Instagram for her "honest approach".
Vague flirting and the expectation to read your body language is more likely to stress me out than turn me on.