Television presenter Melanie Sykes has opened up about her son's battle with autism. The former Today with Des and Mel host
One in 100 adults has autism, and the condition is six times more common in men than women, a major report has revealed. The
The global reaction to news that a US panel of experts in psychiatry is proposing to redesign the definition of autism has
Many children diagnosed with autism at a young age no longer display symptoms when they are older, new research has found
Researchers have uncovered fresh evidence that low birth weight increases the chance of a child developing autistic spectrum
Scientists have found that the bacteria in the gut of autistic children is different from that of non-autistic children. Researchers
This month has left me with a real desire to be a better woman. To shut my mouth when I'm thinking something negative and to try to be more understanding to what everyone else is going through. Hmmm. Alarming. That sounds almost like a New Year's Resolution.
Breakthrough research involving a brain transplant of stem cells could offer hope for the treatment of both autism and Parkinson's
The boy is often better playing on a one to one basis. I know that. But it does him good to mix in bigger groups and he does do well at Jingles and at gym club so I wasn't unduly worried.
Three families who claim their children suffered injury from the mumps, measles and rubella (MMR) vaccine are suing a law