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Authorities found the victim’s body by “deploying side-scan sonars” from a boat.
"This is the problem with someone who doesn't think about this country and its citizens first," the former New Jersey governor said.
Some love the fact that the Swarm writer has the most patriotic American birthday possible.
Taylor Taranto, who'd been identified as one of the mob that attacked the US Capitol over the 2020 election results, was arrested near the Obamas' DC home.
The former first lady and president said the now-struck policy had “allowed generations of students … to prove we belonged.”
Ex-US president referenced the Greek boat tragedy which saw hundreds of refugees die last week.
"I felt like I won the lottery," the former president recalled in an interview with Hasan Minhaj.
Former Tory chairman Jake Berry had a brutal slapdown for the PM.
The former first lady shared a wise tip about marriage that young lovebirds need to hear.
The former first lady opens up in a new podcast.