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The former first lady opens up in a new podcast.
The record-keeping agency said some Trump administration items were still missing, even after the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago.
"Our thoughts are with the Royal Family and those mourning her passing," the former president said.
The UK’s decision to limit attendance saves President Joe Biden from having to invite the current subject of a criminal investigation to be his guest.
The former first lady said that after a peaceful transition to the next president, "all that remains in this hallowed place are our good efforts and these portraits”.
The former president has opened up about his experience parenting Malia and Sasha.
The party has been "significantly" scaled back for only family and close friends.
“They could say whatever they wanted so long as there was no imminent threat of harm.”
Obama allegedly slammed his successor as a "f**king lunatic".
The former president opened up about Bo's death.