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If Starbucks is your preferred brew, we have some news for you.
The coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot of things, but possibly one of its longest-lasting effects will be on Britain’s high streets, with many shops closing during lockdowns. Retail Analyst Nelson Blackley talks us through how the pandemic is accerlating trends in an ever-evolving high street and for its future, Britain’s high streets need to look back.
Asos has bought Topshop, Topman and Miss Selfridge – but hasn't agreed to buy any of their stores.
High street fashion giant Edinburgh Woollen Mill Group told staff lockdown had a massive impact on sales.
Businesses have used lockdown as a time to change their product offerings and move to seamless online transactions through Square.
Promotional feature from Square
The department store giant has told staff it plans to cut about 14% of its total headcount in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.
Ending "lockdown" must come with ongoing support, and in phases, in order to kickstart high street spending, Joe Lynam and Chris Leslie write.
Fantasy author Neil Gaiman shared John Westwood's post, resulting in hundreds of orders at a shop that hadn't sold a single book all day.
"The high street of the 1990s and 2000s, soulless and predictable, duplicated all over the country, is finished." But a new kind of future is emerging.
A vegan Galaxy chocolate bar is coming to stores near you – but what other plant-based goodies can you get?