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"The downside of being sarcastic parents is you get sarcastic kids."
We have a policy of being honest with our sons in the hope of making them feel comfortable doing the same. Still, I was reluctant to reveal that painful part of my past.
"I tell my toddler to 'ask nicely' and instead of saying please he whispers his demands and I'm not even sure that he's wrong."
Small tweaks to what and how you ask can give you a true sense of how your child is actually coping — beyond "yes," "no" and fine."
"I was shaving and the 6-year-old asked why I was 'handsomeing.'"
Independent play can encourage your child in many ways - crucially, they can learn to be happy on their own
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Your child’s playtime is about so much more than giving you 15 minutes to fire off your work emails for the day…
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How to encourage your kid to try, try again
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Every time I swoop my son away from a nursery friend, I feel like I’m teaching him that interacting with others is wrong. Am I doing him harm by keeping him apart?