Get out and about as a family
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Popular outdoor games ideal for family fitness
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Advice and tips on getting your body back following pregnancy
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If we have realistic expectations we realise that what we really need is not to train our babies and toddlers, but build a network of support once again for parents, a 'village' as some say. The issue really is a problem belonging to adults and society, what really needs fixing?
Spending time with your children is the perfect excuse to get healthy
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There’s not much better for family bonding than arts and crafts.
I appreciate this probably sounds 'far out' and frankly quite ridiculous to some of you reading. Why on earth would we not want our children to apologise when they have done something wrong? I'm not disputing this, I am however disputing the way in which we go about achieving it.
Against this background of Mothering Sunday hysteria, it's understandable that over the years various teachers, play school helpers and creche supervisors approach the inevitable 'for whom should we make the card' conversation with us with visible dread.
I'm just going to come out and say it. I did the '36 book exchange' thing on Facebook. I know it's bad. I know I should be ashamed of myself. I know I am basically a moron and I have done The Worst Thing Ever.
For parent and child, a cancer diagnosis is a mental shock. And the physical shocks that follow that diagnosis- invasive treatments, surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy are also difficult to bear, also potentially traumatising.