UK Suicide

"Although my guilt will never completely subside, it has diminished over the past 29 years."
"I thought that sharing dark confessions created more of a bond than sharing lighthearted experiences ever could."
"Despite my years of training and experience, when it came to Mathilda, I couldn’t make the compassionate decision to let her go when she was ready."
"Many people applaud me for having conquered suicide ideation, but that isn’t actually what I did."
"There’d be no stopping Faith... if we could get her to adulthood alive."
"I began my journey by obtaining my mother’s death investigation file and court records."
"The story was graphic and disturbing. It followed me as I drove the car, shopped for groceries, brushed my teeth."
"No other parent should have to go through what I’ve gone through, and I want to do whatever I can to make sure they don’t."
It's terrifying to hear a child say they want to harm themselves. Here's how to give them the support they need.
The mum-of-five said “if my kids weren’t here, I wouldn’t be here”.