Remember when Johnny Depp was one of the most exciting character actors in Hollywood?
In 2006 something happened that no one could have conceived of - Pixar produced it's first bad picture. Cars still performed at the box office but it lacked the warmth and exemplary story telling that the studio was famous for and was expected to produce. It seems strange, then, for a studio which has for the best part resisted sequels to make one that no one asked for.
Although, as a critic, I have always hated Michael Bay's films, until now they could simply be dismissed as rubbish, but his sexualisation of Megan Fox and her replacement has no place in a franchise about toy robots. Let's hope he realizes this before the next, inevitable instalment.
While Jennifer Lopz and Marc Anthony have called time on their personal relationship, the pair will still work together. Both
Monty Python have begun production on their first reunion project since The Meaning of Life in 1983. Their next film, A Liar's
Actress Googie Withers, best known for appearing in Alfred Hitchcock's The Lady Vanishes and TV's Within These Walls, has
Hugh Grant has confessed that he regrets starring in the comedy Nine Months because the film was distributed by Rupert Murdoch's
I don't condone video piracy, far from it; if the movie industry collapsed I would be out of a job. What I find more objectionable however, is the blame being laid solely at the feet of the young "tech" generation when the industries reaction to the rise of internet piracy has been so lacklustre.
'Meet Bilbo!' this month's edition of Empire film magazine suggests. Given The Hobbit is still 18 months away from a release date, this seems an unnecessary sop to 'Tolkies' (fans of Tolkien) and indeed to Warner Brothers, the film's backers. But, in case you had forgotten, we are talking about a "long-awaited $500 million, two-film prequel to The Lord of the Rings, as filmed in real 3D"....and the really good news is that Martin Freeman is on board this time, joining Ian McKellen, Bernard Hill,Elijah Wood, Cate Blanchett and all the other lustrous thespians who have sold their souls to the tedious Tolkie super franchise.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Tom Hardy is said to be in talks to portray mob boss Al Capone on the big screen. The Inception star
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