There has been a lot of comment and debate on the concept of Britishness since the real prospect of Scotland's independence
Any minute now, Dave Holden - laidback, affable, engaging - could leap from his chair and scream: "I told them all, but they laughed at me - and now look!" A few years ago, virtually nobody under the age of 40 in Ireland had any interest in bluegrass, old-time, or any other "Americana" music. Now it's one of Dublin's most vibrant and energetic scenes.
On Monday 12th July, just under two months ago, I saw the advert on the internet. It was posted on a music jobs website, which until then, despite its best efforts and my professional skill as a cellist, had failed to woo me with its offers.
Welcome one and all to another edition of Captain SIB's Fantastic Musical Discoveries. This week we venture into the world of The Psychedelic Freakout.
Are you an artist who is looking to get their music onto music streaming services like Spotify, Rdio, MOG, etc? Well you
A fifties look, a Cockney accent, a contralto voice to reject rehab, Amy Winehouse was a modern rock' n' roll suffragette
Kings of Leon have cancelled their US tour amid reports of "problems" within the band.
30 Years ago today the MTV music channel launched in the United States. The first video it played was by The Buggles with
During the height of its popularity MySpace Music was synonymous with youth, cutting edge and cool. However, fast forward just a few years and it is a different story. Press reports indicate that News Corp has sold on the company for a diminished $35m, and an estimated 1m US users are leaving MySpace Music every month. So what went wrong?
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Changes to copyright law to be unveiled later this week are expected to open the door to new services
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