Us President

Trump has been hinting that he's going to run for president again.
The FBI and the US Justice Department are yet to publicly comment.
The US President appeared to forget Scott Morrison's name during a live TV conference.
The Hollywood star backed Joe Biden in the recent US presidential race.
After four years of acrimony, mayhem and division under Donald Trump, America is hoping to turn the page with Joe Biden’s presidency. Here are the main takeaways from his inauguration speech in an event that looked radically different to previous inaugurations due to the coronavirus pandemic and heightened security after the storming of the Capitol on January 6th.
President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump have tested positive for coronavirus. The president confirmed his diagnosis on Twitter early Friday morning. The news came after it was announced that his senior aide Hope Hicks had tested positive.
The rapper's name will appear on the election ballot in Oklahoma, though he's too late for many other states.
The divisive rapper has shared his anti-abortion and anti-vaccine stances in the same interview.
Britain's ambassador to the United States described President Donald Trump's administration as "dysfunctional", "clumsy" and "inept". An unprecedented leak of recent official diplomatic cables, reported by the Mail on Sunday, revealed Sir Kim’s frank views on the US leader. The publication of the emails also prompted a direct response from Trump himself, who said Darroch, "did not serve the UK well."