Victoria Wood

I believe that despite all the imbalance around us, we need to position ourselves in a steady spot and remember that, as human beings, we have endured and overcome so many things. As tough as it may seem now, we will survive Trump and Brexit too.
If 2016 is to have an overarching theme, I think many of us would agree that it is death. Not only was it the year that our
We’ve said goodbye to some of our most loved stars this year.  There were big losses from the music world including legends
Jennifer Saunders paid a touching tribute to the late Victoria Wood, as she received a prize at the Glamour Awards.  The
How many times have I seen "Stop it, 2016!" in the past few weeks? Graphs showing the upsurge in celebrity death, memes about George R. R. Martin writing the year, demands to put all sorts of international treasures in cotton wool. But shouldn't we be ready for this?
The comedian battled cancer away from the spotlight.
Victoria Wood's funeral will consist of a "small and intimate" service to remember the life of the comedy legend, a friend
She had worked with the presenter's wife on one of her shows.