Florida is a place of many faces. There’s the party scene and theme parks, sure. But scratch the surface and you’ll find
Upbeat and diverse, Tampa Bay locals say that living here is like being on holiday all year. They certainly know how to have
If you’re ready for a serious sunshine hit, Florida is the place to be. And it might be time to get planning, because we’re
Our planet isn’t short of staggeringly beautiful landscapes. Nor exhilarating attractions and delicious food scenes. But
Finding a destination to unite thrill-seekers, sun lovers and adventure fiends isn’t an easy task. But the activities, temperature
Three hundred miles of navigable inland waterways and long, lovely beaches make Greater Fort Lauderdale a place of light
Dubbed the 'Manhattan of the South', Brickell (rhymes with pickle and nickel) is Miami's financial district, and used to be an all-work-no-play kind of hood. These days, however, there's a decent post-work scene, with new bars and restaurants popping up all the time, plus excellent hotels for those who prefer to stay in the heart of things.
With beautiful year-round climates and incredible landscapes, The Palm Beaches lends itself to outdoor adventure. Add to this an array of fascinating underwater marine life, impressive waves, stunning cycle paths and scenic hiking routes, and you'll understand exactly why this US hot-spot is fast becoming a highlight for adventure-aficionados.
Heading on a tropical holiday often means emptying your bank account on a costly resort at a characteristically expensive destination, like Fiji, Turks and Caicos, or Curacao. The Florida Keys are often overlooked as part of the much-visited American state of Florida,
Just off the Southern Coast of the USA lies The Florida Keys; a plethora of beautiful islands, each a unique hot spot for natural wonders, delicious cocktails, exciting water sports and coastlines bathed in sunshine. Here's a little list of a few things you can get up to in this incredible destination. If we could fit in your suitcase, we'd be there too.