vitamin D

It's not just vitamin D you might want to consider.
Covid or no Covid, we could all do with more vitamin D through the winter months.
Bone pain is one of the major signs to look out for.
The NHS currently advises taking supplements during winter months.
You might be surprised at the answer. Or not. It depends how much you already know about vitamins, probably.
Higher levels were associated with a 20% lower relative risk of cancer.
  There’s no such thing as a magic pill to cure depression, mores the pity. Still, that hasn’t stopped me from trying several
For decades, some people have embraced the idea that there might be major health benefits from taking vitamins in quantities well beyond the recommended daily requirement. The concept was very popular for a while in the media, but research findings to the contrary gradually made it virtually untouchable for scientists.
Up to 10 million Brits are simply not getting enough sunlight to make the right levels of Vitamin D. That's about 1 in 5 adults and 1 in 6 children. There are certain groups of people in particular that are more at risk and the risk is greatest between October to April when the sun isn't out very often.