Whether helping a loved one or a total stranger, there are plenty of ways to offer support.
The perfect antidote to all of the chaos surrounding Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
A lack of visitors can have a detrimental effect on patient recovery, nurses said.
"Without you, I don’t think we would be here." ❤️
By delivering cake through Ramadan, Arusa is among those helping raise millions for refugees.
From bus drivers to gardeners, community services are reliant on unpaid help as council funds are slashed.
“We turn up and it’s concrete floors, bare walls, all they have is what’s in their bag."
"Mixing up the generations has so much to offer everyone."
"There’s no better way for us to start the New Year."
HumanKind Advent Calendar 2018: We visited a Samaritans branch to find out what happens behind the scenes at Christmas.