HumanKind Advent Calendar 2018: If people and charities don't do it, who will?
Volunteer work can include any activity that “involves spending time, unpaid, doing something that aims to benefit the environment or someone else”. So what drives people to give up their time for others? We asked people in different volunteering fields to explain what their work means to them.
HumanKind Advent Calendar 2018: Shout out to all these amazing people ❤️
HumanKind Advent Calendar 2018: From helping abandoned animals to cooking for homeless people ❤️
This will be the fifth Christmas Day that Angela Cox has spent with rescue animals, the ritual has become a major part of her life. The Battersea volunteer is a 'dog socialiser' – a hands-on role that involves taking the dogs for walks and carrying out ‘kennel sessions’ where she teaches them things like how to sit, give paw and not jump up at people. This all helps in making them as ready as possible for their future homes.
HumanKind Advent Calendar 2018: It’s an amazing feeling to know that you’ve got a group of people together who would have otherwise been home alone.
It may be a relatively new import from the US, but Black Friday has dominated Christmas shopping calendars for the last few years. If you’re sick of the hype and want to rebel, here are some ways in which you can fight back against the rising tide of consumerism.
The youngest victim of the indiscriminate shooting was a 10-year-old boy.
Don't just walk past, urges TV presenter, who says politicians aren't doing enough.